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Who We Are

In any business, it is ultimately the people that make the difference. From the very beginning, Citygate Electric has worked hard to employ only the best individuals working in the electrical field, and that continues today.


Our Mission

& Values

At Citygate Electric, we strive to understand the unique challenges that every individual and business faces so we can meet your needs head-on. You can count on us to ensure that each job is completed safely, and to the highest quality.


Why You Should Choose CGE

Businesses cannot afford downtime, which is why our experienced electricians are so important. Our qualified team can handle large or small jobs from apartment complexes, hotels, large retail to residential and industrial.

Client Testimonials

At CGE, we’re committed to creating an amazing experience for our clients, and our mission is to make that happen, no matter what. The payoff from all our hard work is a client willing to share their experience with others.



When you work with the Citygate Electric team, you know you’ll receive honest,
dependable, and quality service. Our goal is to provide a seamless and positive
experience with innovative solutions each and every time. Learn more.

Contact us today:

1 (585) 636-4030

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